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ROOF COATING Material Estimate Form:

CHOOSE THE PRODUCT(s) for your ESTIMATE: (You May Choose More Than One)
KOOL-KOTE™ Economy Grade Elastomeric Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)
SNOWBRITE™ 6 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)
INSULKOTE™ 8 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)
PERMAKOTE SEMI-GLOSS 7 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)
METALUX ELASTO 7 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Metallic-Look Coatings (Sloped Roofs Only)
PERMAKOTE SILVER SEAL 7 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Metallic-Look (Sloped Roofs Only)
PERMAKOTE 12 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)
PERMAKOTE PLUS 6/12 Year Elastomeric Ceramic Roof Coating (Flat/Sloped Roofs)
PERMAKOTE SUPER PLUS 7/12 Year Elastomeric Polyurea Ponding (Flat/Sloped Roofs)
PERMA1KOTE 10 Year Elastomeric Ceramic One Coat Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)
PERMAGARD 15 Year High Build Elastomeric Ceramic Roof Coating (Sloped Roofs Only)

ROOF SURFACE INFORMATION: (Answer All That Apply or That Are Known)

Type of Roof Surface:

examples: Metal, Tar and Gravel, Asphalt Shingle, Concrete Tile, Roll Roofing, Built-Up-Roof, etc.

Square Feet of Roof Surface:
Slope of Roof, if Available:     OR   Inch Drop: per Foot
Linear Feet of Seams, if Available:     Horizontal:   Vertical:
Roof Penetrations, if Available:

examples: Vent Stacks, Air Conditioning Units and/or Pans, Turbines, etc.

Is There Any Surface Rust: Yes      No      If Known, Percent of Rust:
Purpose for Coating Roof Surface:
OTHER INFORMATION: (Colors, Restrictions, Etc.)

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